The new Ultimate IC S/PDIF is the pinnacle in our coaxial design evolution and probably the finest digital interconnect in its class.

With perfectly matched 75 Ohm wave impedance our new top-of-the-range coaxial cable is suited for all kinds of High End digital data transfer through S/PDIF. The exactingly calculated construction is built around the latest BRC+ conductor and the state of the art Infinite SATI® insulation, comprised of multiple layers of porous PTFE tapes. Unlike thermal overlaying, SATI® preserves the porous semi-air structure of the PTFE tape, which significantly decreases the relative permittivity and signal energy losses within the dielectric. Cold tape overlaying avoids thermal stress to the conductor and eliminates copper recrystallization resulting in class leading levels of electrical conductivity and structural uniformity. Moreover, it improves the vibration damping of the conductor and reduces the electrodynamic noise to undetectable levels. Unsurpassed EMI immunity derived from the X-Shield® SE eliminates the origins of noise-correlated jitter and contributes to immaculate transmission of digital pulse’s time scale and shape. The Ultimate IC S/PDIF creates a thrilling musical performance with a breath-taking transparency and definition, where the tiniest subtleties that are usually barely perceptible open up.

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