The new digital interconnect cable

The new digital coaxial interconnect is ideally suited to a flawless digital data transfer through S/PDIF. The superb 3-layer CAFPE® conductor insulation decreases signal energy loss and dispersion. The exact 75 Ohm wave impedance matching and the enhanced 2-layer shield for supreme EMI suppression eliminate the roots of noise-correlated jitter and contribute to accurate digital data transmission. Precision-made Classic V2 RCA plugs with the pins made of 10 µ gold plated beryllium copper set the Special Coaxial IC / Digital RCA (S/PDIF) above the majority of class-leading competitors and elevate it to a previously unattainable level of performance. Being moderately priced, it offers a bunch of clearly audible benefits: vastly increased definition, tonal realism and remarkable transparency. It performs with meticulous attention to every subtlety and stunning analog accuracy.

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