Special 2.5 AC Power

The new Special 2.5 AC Power cable

A multi-functional power cord for various Home Audio and Professional applications is designed around the ground breaking innovation - Cord Insulating & Damping System (CIDAS). BRC conductors and PVC cords of the same diameter are configured next nearest around a central PVC cord in a hexagonal structure 3+3+1 with maximum conformity and compact form factor. A symmetrical spatial conductor straddling decreases radio emission and provides a more efficient power delivery with a clearly audible dynamic range extension, coupled with gains in definition and transparency. The SDB dielectric binding decreases the overall capacity and signal energy losses. With regards to vibration damping, a key influence on performance, we used the highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® for jacketing. Developed by BASF, it provides exceptional dielectric long-term stability, mechanical strength and efficient absorption of acoustic noise and vibrational loads. Excellent resistance to abrasions, tears, temperature fluctuations, and aggressive chemicals diversify the field of cable application. With gold plated brass contact groups the new precision-made Special AC connectors ensure loss-free electric energy flow and complete the meticulous product visualization. The Special 2.5 AC Power is an amazing solution not only for conventional power cord upgrades, but for concealed in-wall & in-floor power line cabling as well.

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