Tchernov Cable STANDARD


STANDARD 2 SC is built around the redesigned multi-stranded BRC conductors of enlarged cross-section area of 2 x 2.0 mm² (80 x 0.18 mm) respectively, with the wires being arranged using the latest high-precision Multiwire technology. The precise inter-wire tension ensures an accurate tight weave and perfect strand conformity, forming an exact round profile for further perfect concentric insulation overlaying. The 25% increase of the cross-section, compared to the predecessor Junior Two SC, is due to the growing market demand for high power amplifiers and speakers. Jacketed with a newly modified antistatic SPVC, coloured with a refined formula of organic dye, both cables achieve unrivalled dynamics at an extremely competitive price. Awesome flexibility simplify installation even in hard to reach places.

Outer dimensions: 4.0 х 8.0 mm
Jacket color: black with green stripe

Available spool length:

  • 180 m